“Visitors ask me what it is. I tell them it is up to them to decide. A few decide it is a modern take on a phoenix rising from the ashes, something new from something dying. It is as if Rene painted it so people would see what is right in front of them, but in a new way.

I love living with this work”

Alison B., Greer, South Carolina.

“This piece is a constant reminder to remain connected and speak my truth. The first time I saw it in Rene’s studio, I knew I had to live with its lessons on a daily basis. It always supports me. This is art.

Aynsley S. East Hampton, New York..

“I have known Rene for decades. It is my pleasure to see the rich body of work she has created and continues to create. I have collected several of her pieces. This one captivates me on multiple levels. From the sheer quality of the craft to the message contained in the image.”

Eileen S. Chester, Connecticut.